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In-house customization
Where traditional holographic printing allows counterfeiters to order the same (or similar) turnkey pattern film, our in-house process keeps your unique, customized patterns and designs
out of the reach of those that might wish to duplicate your brand.


Innovative technology protection
Through the revolutionary technology of micro engraving, our design team can help you create - not only stunning - but also incredibly complex designs that are virtually impossible to duplicate outside of our facility.


No need to compromise creativity for functionality
Where traditional holographic printing often limits your creative choices; micro engraving technology allows you unlimited creative options with the added benefit of rich visual and tactile impressions.


Maximum protection and maximum affordability
Of its many benefits, one of micro engraving technology’s greatest is the fact that it offers powerfully complex designs along with a reasonably simple production process.  With minimal time and tooling costs; you’ll find we can offer your brand maximum security at a surprisingly affordable price.


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