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Micro Engraving Printing

Mix and Match with Turnkey Patterns

Micro Engraving Printing

There are over 100 turnkey patterns ready to be mixed and matched to meet your unique needs. We can also tailor the patterns to fit each project's requirements: whimsical, classic, fancy - you name it - we'll let the patterns work their magic!


Prepare the files as you would for regular offset print jobs. We accept vector or bitmap formats in Ai, PDF, EPS, PSD etc. We recommend keeping the design/background simple as to not take away from the beauty and drama of the textures. Uncolored sections will show the original material tone which is metallic silver.  Application of darker colors will result in less reflection. The silver background can be completely blocked out by adding a white color base prior to any other colors.


STEP1: Your artwork is prepared in Ai, PDF, EPS, PSD formats.

STEP2: Choose pattern/patterns from our turnkey selections to be applied on each art section,    or, allow us to customize your pattern design.

STEP3: The initial pattern design is submitted in a black & white for reviewing and any revisions.

STEP4: Once the design meets with your approval, an exact prototype is created for final              confirmation before production.

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