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Micro Engraving Printing™ is a revolutionary process that can be used to create exquisite works of art that are both visually and tactilely memorizing. This is the ultimate medium for creating upscale, eye-catching designs that reflect quality and luxury.

For those seeking the the ultimate in fine quality packaging.  This is a multi-layer, reverse printing process on a clear PET recyclable board/film which gives your design a multi-dimensional, highly reflective appearance.  Our most discriminating clients use this process to create packaging that reflects quality, substance and a greater perceived value.


Our most popular printing option; Signature Satin offers the visual and tactile beauty of micro engraving technology on various types of boxes and cartons.  The finish is metallic-like with a kaleidoscopic, reflective appearance.  With minimal time and tooling expense, Signature Satin is a cost effective way to upgrade your brand and packaging.


For those seeking a more subtle, organic look, Natural Impressions is a popular option. Our process takes paper packaging to the next level: offering earth-tone colors, and mimicking fine fabrics and textures found in nature, i.e., leather, stone and wood.  With this process, you are no longer limited to small area embossing.  Natural Impressions allows you to cover your entire packaging surface with exciting, custom embossed expressions.

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